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Reliable and Accurate Roof Inspection in Northville, MI, and the Metro Detroit Area

You may quickly notice some details that show your roof needs some repairs. However, to proceed with the proper maintenance, a previous inspection of the current condition should be performed. If your property is located in Northville, MI, or the Metro Detroit area, Kappa Commercial Roofing is your best choice for a roof inspection. We offer roof inspections with close attention to detail and provide solutions adapted to your roofing needs.

Professional Roof Inspection Services

We provide a thorough service

Our roof inspection process is extensive and is designed to identify every detail needed. When you request this service, Kappa Commercial Roofing delegates an experienced roofing contractor who will assess the roof’s age and identify the damage, size, and possible causes. This process is carried out in detail for each square foot. Once these details are identified, we determine whether the roof should be removed or repaired. It all depends on the amount of damage and the type of material. Finally, our expert will provide you with a detailed plan that includes the budget with specific costs, project timeline, recommended materials, and much more.

Request a Thorough Roof Inspection Today

Work with the experts

Your roof can present problems at any time, especially if it was installed many years ago, or when natural disasters hit. That is why you must request a roof inspection as soon as possible. You may request a free estimate today with Kappa Commercial Roofing. We proudly serve in Northville, MI, and the Metro Detroit area.

Our Full Range of Services

Our roof inspection process is accurate, extensive, and is designed to find solutions to every issue with your roof.

Roof Estimates

We perform extensive roof repair services with the best materials in the market. We also provide brand warranties.

Roof Repair

We provide customized solutions to repair your roof in a timely, quality, and affordable way.

Roof Recover

If your roof needs a total replacement, we can provide the best materials and techniques to bring your roof back to life.

Roof Tear-Offs

Partner with a reliable and honest company that provides all the services you need for new roof constructions.

New Construction

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