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Complete Roof Maintenance Plans in Northville, MI, and the Metro Detroit Area

The roof of a house is essential, so it is necessary to provide regular maintenance. Kappa Commercial Roofing has designed maintenance plans that adapt to our clients’ needs and budgets. First, we take care of the complete cleaning of your roof. Then, we will evaluate its current conditions and perform the proper repairs if necessary. We recommend doing this process twice a year: once during the fall and once after the winter. That way, your roof will be in perfect condition for many years to come.


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Providing customized solutions

Take advantage of our roof maintenance plans to keep your roof in perfect conditions and extend its life. Please consult with us today and schedule this service that will save you a lot of time, money, and headaches. Our team of expert roofers is trained to provide personalized and high-quality service. Call now to discuss the best options for you.

Our Full Range of Services

Our roof inspection process is accurate, extensive, and is designed to find solutions to every issue with your roof.

Roof Estimates

We perform extensive roof repair services with the best materials in the market. We also provide brand warranties.

Roof Repair

We provide customized solutions to repair your roof in a timely, quality, and affordable way.

Roof Recover

If your roof needs a total replacement, we can provide the best materials and techniques to bring your roof back to life.

Roof Tear-Offs

Partner with a reliable and honest company that provides all the services you need for new roof constructions.

New Construction

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